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Zibox wants to be a destination for all users' needs, from markets and businesses to ordinary users, and to provide an integrated environment with a variety of services needed by the community.


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Download ZiBox app to your smartphone. Get registered in a couple of clicks. Choose the category you are interested in. Create your ad to offer or ask for an item/service.

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Choose an interesting item on a Dashboard

Tap it

Click the ad you like & make your offer

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Make a photo of an item by your
phone & publish it

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Pack your product, send it & get your money

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Empty your closet and get paid

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Download from App Store or Google Play. Register in a couple of clicks. Buy or Sell New Goods or Used Things.

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Choose category & Publish your offer to find new clients. Ask for a Service in a category you are interested in.

Connect Socially

Chat with friends. Connect with family and friends or business associates via chat, audiocall or videocall.

Make Money While Having Fun

Create an ad. Publish photo / description of your Stuff. Make money. Only in your free time.

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